Hiding Healthy is created specifically for parents of picky eaters. It's your all-in-one toolbox, filled with:

• Dozens of recipes with healthy foods hidden inside Get peace of mind knowing your child is getting the nutrition they need! Looking for something in particular? Make a recipe request and we’ll whip one up for you! We add to our database every week.

• Tips and strategies paired with each recipe, proven to build your child's interest in that food and help your picky eater expand their diet.

• Is your picky eater low on protein? You can search our database by nutrient AND sensory preference to find the perfect recipe in seconds.

• Take the guesswork out of what to serve with our ideas for turning each recipe into a balanced meal.

• Short on time? No problem! That's why we include nutritious and delicious product recommendations that you can find at a store near you.

• Access to our community where you can ask me your questions and meet other parents who get the struggle of feeding picky eaters.

Get unlimited access to all these features and more!
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With Hiding Healthy’s gentle, playful and sensory-focused approach, you can ditch the mealtime battles and enjoy feeding your child!